Promotion Code


You may receive promotional opportunities in a variety of ways: email, US mail, and at live events. Generally promotions will be linked to new account creation, special purchases, sale items and specific venue promotions. Promotion opportunities will be redeemable through the use of a “promotion code”. This code will be clearly identified in any written communication, along with specific links and instructions as to how to apply it toward a purchase. General guidelines include:

1. Promotional codes may only be used once by each redeemer.

2. Unless specifically developed to enhance existing discounts (sales or specials), discount promotions may not be used to purchase “sale” items or items “on special”.

3. You will see a Promotion Code header and box in the Checkout process; if you have a code that you have not redeemed before, just enter it into the box. The shopping cart total will be calculated to reflect the promotion discount.

We appreciate our customers’ loyalty and support of our designs. Offering you promotions is one way to show our appreciation.

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